Value Added Service “Cultural Ambassadors”

We live in a technology dependent connected world—and its getting more wired by the day— the power to converse in a local way and to “show affinity” is the power to grow new markets in ways few ever thought possible.

For a product or service to reach the consumers heart, it must first grab their visual and audial attention. Language subtlety and cultural “deftness of touch” is the gatekeeper of both eye and ear.

Your multilingual information is your “Face internationally” and through our Value added services we aid your marketing, creative, and process management teams to build powerful “culturally-tuned” customer experiences that show affinity and thereby win trust. Without trust you will knock on the door but few will answer. With trust doors open to exciting possibilities. Affinity and trust can be destroyed by misunderstandings in communications, by communication with unintended negative vibes, words or image associations—and, at the very worst by “raw” machine words. Translation minus affinity has “foreign” and “amateur” stamped on its face.

“The limits of my language is the limit of my world” - Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstien. Wittgenstien’s famous quote, written in the 20th century, still holds true to this day. Our expertise as helps you to get inside other people’s worlds.

Meaning capture and customer closeness

For ambitious, long range and structured “meaning capture” and “customer closeness” projects, the Interlocutor services at CTC will help you to sense-check your larger project before wide scale translation. It will help you to pin point a “desired positioning” for your message in key target markets.

This takes your product and service to the world in the comfort of your customer’s “meaning framework” – and it pin points the “communication outcomes” and these might range in scope from desired emotional reactions to tightly controlling a process flows or series of instructions.

In the wired world where cultures now compete far more easily than ever before, “translation” is not only about assertiveness or “getting your message across”; it is also about “fitting in” and “knowing what’s best”. The vogue word “globalization” summarizes this new reality of serving a mass market with CTC assisting the process of being truly local in each jurisdiction.