Road Safety Authority Ireland

The RSA works to improve road safety in Ireland by:

Developing and implementing information and education campaigns to increase awareness of road safety and promote safer driving. Improving vehicle standards. Establishing and monitoring a standard for driver instruction. Overseeing the system of driver licensing and undertaking certain enforcement activities. Working with stakeholders to ensure a co-ordinated response and ensure our collective resources are used wisely and efficiently. Undertaking accident and road safety research in order to develop measures and recommendations to improve road safety. Advising the Minister for Transport on road safety policy. Producing road safety strategy documents and monitoring their implementation

Description of Services provided:

Professional translation of over 350,000 words and multiple ongoing smaller projects into Irish, and Typesetting of over 300 pages of artwork

Additional quality and value added services:

Crosschecking many instances of terminology queries and liasing with client as to the best approach on a step by step basis for each case.

Turnaround Times:

This project was fully completed within 6 months

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