Advertising for International Markets

Advertising for International Markets - Commercial Translation Centre Countries and their internal language markets present with a unique, fingerprint of
subjective and objective criteria relating to Brand, advertising, service and product packaging.

“Why don’t they just speak English” phrase may still retain traction with buyers but not for “sellers” who need to understand and overcome linguistic, political and cultural barriers in their drive to maintain and increase their share of the global market.

There are complex and multi tiered challenges with Market research assessment branding and advertising and CTC has facilitated numerous Australian and European companies with:

- Brand and product design assessment and research

- Multilingual Web site design

- Web site mapping and navigation

- Search engine SEO and Ad Words campaigns

- Right to left languages adjustments

- Our company provides useful checklists to make sure your Brand service or product is ready.

For any questions or to discuss your specific requests don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local CTC office.