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Translate web sales promotional material for a large Australian/Multinational Gaming web site

Client Requirement:

To provide a quick turn around and cost effective translation service for mission critical web applications.

Scope of service:

Translation 2 million words between 2003 to 2011 for the Centrebet gaming web site. Adaptation and localisation of language web sites, in context reviews and reporting beta testing and trouble shooting.

Translation Services

Translation and localisation services in:

Arabic, Hebrew, Czech, Icelandic, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian

Additional quality and value added services:

For paid search advertising content

Sales localisation: Translation for sales program not translated directly and adjusted for a specific key words based on popular keyword research.

English content development

Globalisation & Internationalisation of text. CTC provided ongoing advice and issue logs that related on how to write the source English content for international usage for the web.

CTC provided advice on structure and format of English site linguistic string structure preparation, and its effect on languages.

Localisation and memory

CTC was involved with testing of display number, date formats, currency and symbols. By using advanced translation memory software, CTC preserved the archival material and terminology providing a continuation of client theme over
the course of the time period of relationship with Centrebet, thus making sure the client message is always the same.

Website Localisation

CTC localised each language to the native country of that language taking account of cultural and Linguistic concerns
and incorporating those into the ongoing translation work.

Dynamic elements in multiple languages were adapted by CTC Software team.

Desktop publishing for the Web

CTC produced jpg, psd and other files required for graphic images that contain multilingual text, including banners text
ads and buttons.

Feedback on customer complaints

CTC provided feedback forms to queries user complaints for all languages. The reporting was provided by gauging the severity of issue, according to LISA standards and making suggestions as to the change should be accepted, denied or passed on for further discussion. Due to the fast turnaround nature of this clients work CTC had to respond quickly to issues that arose. We had a Team in place that assessed and processed any issue that affected the language context of each translation. Issues needed to be resolved usually within 24 hours.