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SilverSun Pictures

SilverSun Pictures is Greg Evans, Andrew Marriott and Rohan Taylor. They are committed local partners that own and
run their own company and each of them bring complimentary skills and strengths to their business. They’re big enough
to handle just about any size of project but small enough tobe hands on with everything they do. Their philosophy of working in partnership with clients is the best way to consistently produce creative and effective communications
solutions. Much of their work is repeat business and referral and this is testament to their exceptional client service and ability to deliver excellent results consistently.

For SilverSun Pictures, CTC does translation, subtitles and voiceovers into 10 different languages.

Description of Services provided :

Professional translation, subtitling and voiceover into:

English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic and Korean.

Length of videos: 7 min 30 sec and 23 min.

Additional quality and value added services :

CTC implemented best practices to combined voiceover and subtitling when necessary and in that way manage their budget in an efficient was. For these videos a subtitling option for interviews was suggested as an cost effective way avoiding to hire one extra voice over talent.

Turnaround Times :

Both projects were executed within 10 working days.