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Abelard Consulting

Abelard Consulting is a leading wide technical writing and documentations service provider operating Australia wide.

Services Provided Translation of multilingual web marketing and documentation. Clients included medical devices manufacturers, technical equipment and financial software.

Services provided:

Translation and localisation services in:
Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Spanish, French, Italian Projects and contracts spanning from 2005 to and 2011

Additional quality and value added services:

Web advertising content

Translation of sales related translation for web banners and advertisements

Use of Computer assisted translation tools (CAT)

By using industry standard CAT tools SDL Trados, during the course of the projects, CTC was able to provide increased consistency, improved quality and reduced costs over the project lifecycle.

Feedback on language and cultural related issues

CTC provided reports and advice on how to rephrase English content to work better in different international markets
and provided in context reviews feedback and bug reporting for final publication files for web and print.

Desk top publishing

CTC created jpg, psd and other files required for graphic images and General user interfaces that contain multilingual
text, including banners text ads and buttons.

CTC produced translated content for Web files and on line help in multiple languages and pdf files for print and
web output.