Oil & Mining

Translation for Oil and Mining Industry - CTC Technical documents, exploration reports, tender documents, all these documents need an unique approach and we are aware that most of the time these will be lengthy documents that will need to be translated in a short turnaround.

CTC through 20 years of experience have established translation teams for the oil and mining industry with a proven record of fast turnaround and high quality translation.

Workflow :

Whenever we get an technical translation from an oil and mining company our team will assess the job individually but the standard workflow for translation of technical documents in a quick turnaround is:

- Confirm availability of Translators and Senior Editor
- Translation
- Editing
- Review
- Proofreading
- Delivery

Some of our clients :

- BHP Billiton
- Orica Mining
- Perseus Mining
- Rio Tinto
- Geoscience Australia

Our ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirements certification guarantee that CTC’s translation projects are handled following strict quality assurance procedures.

Confidentiality :

When translating technical documents for the mining industry CTC takes confidentiality very seriously and usually signs additional security clearances and NDA for specific clients/translation projects.

All of CTC’s translators and Project Management team have signed NDA’s and we’ve been working together for many years.