Website Localisation

Website translation and localisation drive global growth

Website Localisation - Commercial Translation Centre

Globally over 60% of online sales is conducted in languages other than English. To reach a global audience in the user’s language of choice is a challenge for single web apps designers to medium and large corporations. Google advertising campaigns with 95% coverage of the global retail online market has placed increasing importance to web site multilingual content in their web content rankings evaluations.

Timely translation of website content and translation of product and service updates have become powerful business drivers for global growth.

Website Technology

The challenge for businesses online growth online is cost effective quality translation of website content and timely translation updates of product content and service content..

Companies face decisions in purchasing off the shelf web content management (CMS) products designed for small medium and enterprise level systems, independent content management platforms or customising their existing web site platforms.

CTC team of IT experts and specialist translators have the experience of working in a variety of CMS systems to provide cost-effective solutions in HTML, XML, JAVA, FLASH, CSS or ASP. The translated website will may adhere to the same look-and-feel as the original, or to effectively reach your target audience it will be adapted/localised to linguistic, visual and cultural preferences of the local language markets.

Multilingual website design:

Translating a website raises a number of issues, apart from the translation itself. The web is a global medium, and a site will be most effective if it takes into account the different needs of its global users. That's why it is preferable to design your website with a view to potential translation into other languages.

Technical Challenges in Website Translation:

Consider the languages you will be translating your site into. There may be a number of compatibility issues in the construction and maintenance of your site depending on the languages you choose. If your users are located in different countries, different standards and formats of software and hardware will raise a number of compatibility issues.