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GAPbuster is a specialist market leader. Dedicated to providing strategic direction, they deliver actionable insights, not just data, to the highest ISO9001 quality standards.

GAPbuster was looking for a company that can produce professional voice over recordings in multiple languages handling translation and video edition of the video the produce in English for a well known brand.

Description of Services provided:

Professional translation, recreation of on-screen text and voiceover into:
Thai, Indonesian, Dutch, Norwegian, French, Danish, Urdu and Arabic, Bulgarian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Russian and Greek.
Length of the video: 12 Min 45 Sec

Additional quality and value added services:

The replacement of the English on-screen text for the translated version was a challenge that CTC production team took on and exceeded clients expectations.
Also we, implemented best practices to combined voiceover and subtitling when necessary and in that way manage their budget in an efficient was.

Turnaround Times:

Both projects were executed within 10 working days.