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Hotels Combined

Translate web sales promotional material for a leading Australian web site Hotel sales aggregator,
Hotels Combined

Services provided:

Translation and localisation and additional services in:

Arabic, Hebrew, Czech, Icelandic, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese,
Korean, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Spanish, French,
Italian, Russian

Word count 1 million+ words for the financial year 2009, 2010 and 2011

The material for translation is similar to the Australian Tourism website content.

Additional quality and value added services:

For paid search advertising content

Sales localisation: Extra attention of a marketing mind and not translated directly… rather adjusted for
a specific language based on keyword research. This relates to banner advertising and key specific areas
in the web content.

Search engine optimisation

Using popular key words in the content of advertising material to improve organic search engine optimisation (SEO). Translation and research use of Keywords templates (e.g. hotels, Generic keywords
(e.g. hotels, place names, Advertising Texts)

CMS operation

CTC had access and running the multilingual Client web Content management system (CMS) thereby
simplifying the project management and reducing double handling of the work at hand.

CTC physically exported all the new English content published in the English site.

CTC translated the new and updated content and entered key word optimised phrases.

CTC imported the translated strings as files back into the CMS system

CTC ran in context checks to ensure that the files were successfully imported and tested them on “Hotels Combined” staging ground prior to going “live”.

English content development

CTC provided ongoing advice and issue logs that related on how to write the source English content
for the web.

Often developers and content writers write and cut strings in a way that will only work for English. When these strings
are presented as < sentence strings> they appear in the wrong grammatical order in other languages. Tagged variables and value fields need repositioning within a sentence of a sentence.

Software localisation and In context reviews

CTC tested web pages for structural issues , updates, checked display date formats, currency symbols, which required testing and bug reporting for different languages.

CMS Development

CTC was closely involved with the client in developing and enhancing the existing CMS system.

There are numerous events in the life cycle development of an efficient CMS, that required documentation, discussion, advice and feedback including:

- Providing bug reports for individual languages , where the content did not publish correctly
- Reporting errors where strings did not upload correctly
- Reporting on system down times, slowdowns,
- Fault diagnostics and testing of CMS. Collaboration during CMS updates where new functionality was being tested
- Providing issue logs on line where unclear and ambiguous strings appear
- Providing suggestions and advice on the development of new features to the CMS that result in more efficient updates
and cost savings. For example CTC suggested the creation of in-context review searches for new strings to
facilitate quicker global searches and quicker reviews. Small additions/changes are often difficult to spot during
in context reviews.

Desk top publishing for the Web

CTC produced jpg, psd and other files required for graphic images that contain multilingual text, including banners
text ads and buttons.

Feedback on customer complaints

CTC provided feedback forms to queries user complaints for all languages. The reporting was provided by gauging the severity of issue, according to LISA standards and making suggestions as to the change should
be accepted, denied or passed on for further discussion. Due to the fact that the information is largely of
sales advertising nature there is often scope for improvement of content by having a more latitude in the
delivery of target language.