Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)

In a multi-lingual marketplace, fast, cost-effective, scalable translation solutions will provide a real competitive advantage. The need for precise, business-usable output cannot be met by an exclusively human workflow or fully-automated machine translation. The answer lies in combining human skills with productivity-enhancing technologies. CTC offers Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) technologies for optimised, flexible solutions for your technical documentation needs.

The benefits of CTC Language technologies solution includes:

•   Translation Memory: Ensures consistency within a project and reduce costs.

•   Terminology Management: Streamline authoring and editing.

•   Editing environments: Best linguists with the best tools.

•   Publishing environments: Wide range of DTP interfaces for seamless connectivity with popular publishing solutions.

•   CTC makes the most of existing resources by recycling legacy translation material for reuse by the translation memory.

Utilising CTC language technologies, CTC has assisted companies in shortening their multilingual publications cycles and reducing their expenditure on translation services by up to 40%. CTC is at the forefront of translation technology , utilising the latest tools for optimal professional translation productivity.

Machine translation or Free Translation Machine translation or web based "free translation" have computer algorithms that process syntax to create what is essentially only a rough rendition of the source language. This technology is over 50 years old and every year new claims are made about the capability of newer and faster programs transferring this challenge into vector space mathematics.

Each new finding so far has been followed highly limiting restrictions to its usage. In practise the machine language application is extremely limited and to date it has been shown to be slightly more useful than an online dictionary.
There are numerous humorous language bloopers attributed to human translation,machine translation however excels
in the IT maxim of "rubbish in rubbish out". The nature of language insists on human intervention for its correct
rendering. CTC only provides professional translation services and does not provide machine translation/free translation services. Unlike machine translation, Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) supports the translator and increases his/her productivity.

CAT tools aid the translator in the following ways:

• Prevents repetitive work

• Automates terminology look-up activities

• Leverages previously translated texts

Translation Memory tools: Like a piggy bank, the more you put into a translation database, the more beneficial it becomes.

How it Works