Quality Measuring Systems

CTC Translation Management system includes an "ISO 9000" Quality Extension. This implements a "quantitative quality metric" similar to "Lisa forms".

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

The SPC module implements a variant of LISA Quality Forms. These quality reports can be associated with documents, projects, persons (translators, editors,..), projects and customers, showing both quality histograms and temporal quality evolution.

The "Translation 'ISO 9000' Quality Extension" allows to evaluate the translation results of freelancers and supplier companies using modified Lisa Quality Sheets. It helps by tracking errors in the following fields:

  • Mistranslation
  • Accuracy
  • Terminology
  • Language
  • Style
  • Country
  • Consistency

One quality report

For each "Quality Level" a certain number of errors are allowed (Target Quality). This number is calculated based on the value "Sample Size" that needs to be defined in all quality reports.

Errors are categorized in Minor, Major and Critical and are counted in relation to defined quality level.

Example: A "critical error" in a project defined with a quality level "High Quality" weights 20 points whereas the same
error in a project with "Premium Quality" weights only 10 points. The results are therefore results in relative quality.

A graph shows the deviation which is defined as the distance between the observations and the mean/average (Target Quality=0)

Project quality component

By this we get a visual overview about acceptable/defective translation tasks.