Legal Documents Translation

Legal Documents - Commercial Translation Centre Our legal document translation practice is structured in four parts: volume, complexity, stringency and timelines.

Transactional and certifications

The transactional service deals with standardized legal documentation where translation is required by statute or as a convention for market acceptance and courtesy. These assignments primarily include sworn translations of contracts, deeds, and certificates where a sworn translation supports commercial processes. This workflow is handled by our general documentation systems, allowing a short turn around period.

Contractual and deal flow

The contractual service supports the execution of business deals where a contract, deed, bill of sale, service level agreement or a similar document may be stipulated by a jurisdiction to be in its language of discovery and settlement.

Terms of Trade, Patents etc

This service includes volume translation, document glosses and document indexing relating to active legal disputes and requiring heavy support to process volume and maintain tight deadlines.

This workflow is extensive, continuous, typically runs for longer periods of time and deploys high-level content management tools.

Project scoping

Complexity and risk will determine the approach to your project’s scope, cost structure and technology management.

The Commercial Translation Centre (CTC) has been providing legal translation services since 1988.

With legal documentation, translation accuracy is of vital importance. CTC has experience translating tenders, patent applications, transnational legal documentation, legal reports and updates. CTC has a successful 20-year track record in legal translation, where accuracy is paramount. The correct and consistent application of specialized legal terminology across large volumes of information is the cornerstone of quality assured translation services. Legal terminology needs to be tightly integrated, quality maintained and applied across all documentation. The essential ingredient in driving successful technical translation projects is the CTC expertise in developing in-country teams of experienced native speaking technical translators, subject terminologists, senior editors and proofreaders. The vital role of project management is always handled by local project managers who have extensive experience in dealing with the technical and linguistic challenges of large complex projects with tight deadlines.

The translated finance documentation can be reproduced into most file formats and output provided in the designated media whether it is PPT, PDF, HTML, XML, SGML or audio-visual media.